Friday, May 30, 2014

All the 3's

There are a lot of 3's floating around today. The little one is turning 3 next week and I just can't even believe it! She is growing and learning things so fast I can hardly keep up! I am 33 weeks today! Yikes! 7 more weeks and another beautiful little girl will grace us with her presence:)

This was last Sunday at 32 weeks. I love being pregnant (most of the time) but I gotta say I cannot wait until she is here, I can have cocktails and wine again, and start losing this weight!

I scored really big at Babies R Us today between gift cards and money that was given to us, I was able to get 3 big items at 30% off! That gave me money to spare...whoop whoop. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Friday, April 11, 2014

Bedroom (s) Redo

Happy Friday! Like promised.. I know it's a little late... I finally downloaded the pictures of the girls' rooms that we redid. The first room is Nova's. We decided to get her a "big girl" bedroom set and give her whole nursery set to the new addition:) Here are some pics of her new set.

You will have to excuse some of the mess. We had just put everything back in er room and did not have any shelves or anything up yet. She use to have carpet in her room. We pulled that all up and added the wood flooring and Oh.My.Gosh is it so much easier to clean up!

Next are pics of the hubs redoing the nursery furniture. When it was in Nova's room, we bought the furniture the dark cherry wood finish. Since the new baby is getting it, we decided to redo the color of it and paint it white with the Tiffany blue accents.

Then of course, I didn't want carpet in the new baby's room so out went the carpet.

And in went the wood. The wall color on the second picture looks different then the first pic. The first pic is what the color really looks like. Then once the hubby finished redoing the baby furniture in it went.

Now I'm just working on ordering the bedding and getting the little details handled. With just under 3 months to go, I am really trying to get the small details handled.

Here's a pic of my little dancer. She will be three in less than 2 months and boy does she have personality:)

 Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week 24 and more..

Well almost to 25! Woo whooo!

Don't get me wrong...I don't mind being pregnant...but I am ready to meet this little one! I am really struggling missing my wine but I will get through just like I did the last one. Finally got my maternity sesh booked! And now trying to find the outfits I want to wear is gonna be a struggle. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in Vegas and I am soaking up every little bit of it.

The other little one, well she's not so little any more since she will be 3 in June, is starting to REALLY show some personality. And by personality I mean terrible threes! We are doing our best at trying to figure out the right way to show her good vs. bad and what not but IT.IS.EXHAUSTING. We finally finished most of the projects we had going on in the house and I will try to upload so pics in the next couple of days to show the new baby's room and how we changed up miss Nova's room.

I do have one question before I go, does anyone have any good tips on reupholstering dining room table chairs? If so, I'd love to hear!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Past the half way mark and feeling ready...

It's been a long time since I posted. I am now at 21 weeks preggers and am feeling great! We have a LOT of shenanigans going on around here  and I don't even have my normal computer hooked up to post any pics. I will do that once it's connected. If you know me you know that I am a girl who loves her afternoon cocktails and wine and am really struggling with that during this pregnancy. But I know it will come soon enough so I am just trying to enjoy it while it lasts. I read a lot of blogs and articles about fitness and weight loss and am already eager to lose weight. Of course, I can't yet but I am hoping that this could be a sign that I will be extremely motivated once the acrobat that's in my belly shows her beautiful face! Oh, did I just say she.... yes another girl...yikes! Help me now! I have the perfect cure (wine) for dealing with two girls after everything is said and done.  That might put a little damper and losing the baby weight fast but I feel confident I will stay head strong and focused on how I will feel once the weight is gone. Happy Hump Day!