Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Saturday Morning

I am all smiles today! I of course, like just about everyday, got on the scale this morning and it read: 165.4!!WoooWhoooo...I have not seen this number in a long time....since I was prego. I am slowly making the truck back to my goal weight and I always say...the more time it takes to take off..the longer it will STAY off! So I just had to come and blog about it. I have a really busy next 2 months ahead of me. Bachelorett parties, birthday parties (for my little one),and a wedding.

Now I will share just a tid bit on what I have been doing to lose weight. So far, running has been the best for me and I am finding that it is working. I ahve also been trying hard to eat a LOT of fish. I prefer Mahi Mahi because it doesn't have the fishy taste:) I have been having trouble finding snacks so I have been trying to just stick with fruit. And yes, when I run I 9 times out of 10 have to take Nova with me so I am pushing a 24+ baby with a jogging stroller. I look at it as an extra workout. On that note...hope you all have a great weekend!!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

My how time flies

Thought I would do a little post about my little one today. Jen, you inspired me. She turned 11 months old yesterday so I have been working hard on trying to get things together for her 1st Birthday party:) I just got her invitations in the mail and I am soooo excited about them. I ordered through a lady on Etsy and she does a fabulous job!! you can find her on Etsy at Digital Parties:) Her name is Sarah and she is just awesome!! Her is a peek at Nova's invitation:

Her party is in these colors and the theme is , well of course, cupcakes!! I thought I would share just a few recent photos of my little peanut! Enjoy:)

I'm going to spend the rest of my day enjoying my little one and relaxing..... Have a great rest of the weekend!!