Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ZIon National Park

Last Wednesday, my family and I, went on a 5 day adventure to Zion National Park located in Southern Utah. We had a blast! Except Saturday it snowed almost all day which I did not prepare for. I loved this trip because we were able to go on multiple hikes which made me happy:) Here are a couple pictures of our fun filled days there!

                                                       My little peanut helping us unpack:)

                                                                  See the waterfall?
                                                       Starting our hiking journey
                                                                   More waterfalls

                                                                       My hubby

                                                A really nice couple took this photo for us:)
                                                                Almost to the top
                                           A really nice older woman took this one for us:)
                                                       An iffy bridge.... yes we crossed it
                                                         A little tunnel-like walk through
                                                                   We made it!
                                                                 Whoop Whoop
                              Our campsite is all the way at the bottom around the corner to the left

                                                                She was sleeping:)
Well thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Plans for today..

Good morning and Happy Easter! The hubs is working today and some of the plans I had changed so instead I am thinking about going on a 2 hour walk...yes I said 2 hours.... I have to make up for what I ate yesterday. Then, I am going to try something I have never done. I don'ty have the nicest camera but I was gonna go to the park and take so pics of my little Nova all dressed up in her Easter outfit. Hopefully I get some cute ones. On a different note, I have been consistent with staying below 170 but had a relasp yesterday and gained 2 pounds. I plan on being back under by tomorrow.(Yes I am obsessed with weighing myself everday) I'll let you know how the pics turn out:) Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It has moved people!!

Well, it has finially happened!! The scale has dropped under 170!! Yippeee for me! I will never again be in the 170's! (unless I ahve another baby that makes be gain again...) I am trying to stay motivated and really watch what I eat. I have started pushing myself to run with Nova since the hubby is gone a lot. I can't use the excuse that she is too heavy. I know I can do it it is just staying motivated:) On another note, I am going to try and make a fabric wreath. My dear friend, Jen, just made her first and it turned out fantastic! Go here to check it out: http://www.jensplacetovisit.blogspot.com/. I will try to find some cute fabric and I may possibly put a wooden letter in it, but we will see:) Hope everyone is having a great week and I will keep you posted on the wreath!

 TaTa ~ Jeriel