Saturday, February 28, 2015

I have my big run this morning (it will be 7 today) and of course it is cloudy, cold , and looks like it possibly might rain. But I have to do it and I will get through it. My pace has been on target except for the other day when I ran with the girls. Pushing a double jogger weighing in at almost 100 lbs. is very difficult. But I figure if I train with that, then my pace will be that much better without pushing them. My goal is to lose between 15-18 lbs by the end of all this. That will put me back to pre- prenancy weight plus some. I have heard a bunch of good things about Chia seeds so I am going to give them a whirl. I am still struggling with food choices and I know my mind is better than that. On top of that, sleep has been a HUGE issue around here. I don't get any. That being said if anyone has any brilliant ideas on how to get a nursing 8 month old to sleep a solid 6 hours (HECK I'll take 4) then you would be my angel!! Hope you have a great weekend!


Monday, February 23, 2015

Marathon Training

Good morning to you all. I wanted to catch you up on whats happening over here . The hubby and I have decided to run the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon this year. I turned 30 just last week so I thought what better time than now! We are starting on week three of the training and it has been good so far. I trained once before a few years back but never ended up running it. This year it is done and paid for so there is no turning back. We are going to follow the Marathon Rookie 16 week training schedule. I will try to keep you guys up to date on how it is going, especially when we get to the really big runs.

Happy Monday

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Good morning ladies! Well I found an amazing shampoo that I LOVE!!!! It literally makes your hair smell amazing for days! I did some research online and when I found this one, I figured I would go ahead and give it a shot. I could have ordered it online but I didn't want to pay the extra for shipping and all that jazz so I looked where in town I could purchase it. Ulta was the go to place. I purchased the Fekkai Glossing Shampoo and conditioner. Target carries this brand but it is hit and miss with the glossing. I think I will try the Shea shampoo and conditioner next. They were the same price at Target and Ulta so either place works. I tried adding pictures but my computer is all messed up so sorry for that.

The hubby and I decided to finally commit to running  a marathon this year. Since I am turning 30 and it is a big year, why not knock it off my bucket list. We registered for the San Diego Rock-and-Roll. I am excited, nervous, worried, and every other emotion you can feel about running this thing. I know I can do it but it is going to take a lot of dedication. With a almost 4 year old and a 6 1/2 month old I feel it is going to be extra hard to find the time and energy. But there is no better time like the present! Speaking of birthdays.... I have planned a themed party for my big 3 0. It is "Hoe Down" and I will post pics after the event:)

I hope you all have a great day!