Friday, February 15, 2013

Maintenance and more

Good Morning to all!
 The hubs had an awesome Valentines. We celebrated with the little one and just enjoyed our family together. I have been one busy momma and feel a little overwhelmed at times which is why I have to post a couple things and some interesting finds. First, I have been working my tail off to keep my weight stable. Eating healthier foods and excising like a maniac. I pretty much run every day and have really been focusing on weights. I have been maintaining my weight under 160, THANK GOD! But am still not where I want to be. So I am still trying to do different things and stay focused.The hubs went back to school so I have been helping him research and with his homework. Our washer broke and we were able to find the part for it online. It came in yesterday and I decided to try and fix it myself and to my surprise, I DID it! Washer is running great! We also have a trip that we have been planning for a while that is coming up, here is where we will be going:

Yes it's somewhere tropical and on my hubby's bucket list. Jaco, Costa Rica!! We are so excited:)

Lastly, I have to inform all of you of my favorite champagne. It is slightly sweet and has AMAZING flavor. Here it is :

It is Sparkletini Raspberry Champagne and is awesome! Yes this dampers on losing weight but I just refuse to pass this up when it comes my way:) Hope you all have a great weekend!