Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Decor, Piercings, and More!!

Today has been a busy, busy day so far and its just now lunch time. I guess first things first. I FINALLY found my fall wreath my mother-in-law made me a couple of years ago so I was able to hang it up.

This morning my little one had a doctors appt. and we were planning on getting her ears pierced while we were there. Unfortunately, they were out of earings so we decided to take her to Claire's to have them done and they did a great job! Look how cute:)

She wasn't in the best of mood because when we were at the doctor, she also had all her shots updated. But what a little trooper she was!

And last but not least. Can I just say, for the record, is it is hotter than a mo fo here! I tried running last night around 5 and I was so slow turtles were passing me! Ha! I usually run in the morning, which is cool and a lot easier, clearly. I don't think I will be running in the afternoons until it gets cooloer out. P.S. After a big weekend of pretty much eating like s*** and having a couple cocktails, I finailly weighed myself this morning  and it was 163 exactly. I am pushing myself extra hard on the Shred and my runnning so I hoping to get in the 150's by the end of September. Wish me luck!



Anne said...

Lovely wreath! How cute is she with her new earrings:)

Mrs C with Style said...

I love the earrings! How cute:) Hang in there the running does get a little easier the more you do it! I agree the cooler weather helps me get out there and hit the pavement:) Have a great week!!

Jeriel said...

Thank you for the nice and motivating comments!!

Jen S. said...

Love the wreath Jeriel! Looks great!

And little Nova's earrings look SO CUTE! :)

Hope you have a nice weekend!