Friday, February 15, 2013

Maintenance and more

Good Morning to all!
 The hubs had an awesome Valentines. We celebrated with the little one and just enjoyed our family together. I have been one busy momma and feel a little overwhelmed at times which is why I have to post a couple things and some interesting finds. First, I have been working my tail off to keep my weight stable. Eating healthier foods and excising like a maniac. I pretty much run every day and have really been focusing on weights. I have been maintaining my weight under 160, THANK GOD! But am still not where I want to be. So I am still trying to do different things and stay focused.The hubs went back to school so I have been helping him research and with his homework. Our washer broke and we were able to find the part for it online. It came in yesterday and I decided to try and fix it myself and to my surprise, I DID it! Washer is running great! We also have a trip that we have been planning for a while that is coming up, here is where we will be going:

Yes it's somewhere tropical and on my hubby's bucket list. Jaco, Costa Rica!! We are so excited:)

Lastly, I have to inform all of you of my favorite champagne. It is slightly sweet and has AMAZING flavor. Here it is :

It is Sparkletini Raspberry Champagne and is awesome! Yes this dampers on losing weight but I just refuse to pass this up when it comes my way:) Hope you all have a great weekend!



Kathy said...

Costa Rica! How exciting! I hope you take lots of pictures and share them with us.

I found your blog through Jen's Place and am your newest follower.

Jen S. said...

Hi Jeriel!
I am so excited for you guys to go on your trip. I'm sure you'll have a great time! Yay! :)

Great job on excercising and eating healthy. It's so're doing amazing!

That champagne looks and sounds so yummy! I'll have to have some with you sometime!

Kathy said...

Jeriel, hop on over to my blog. I have an award for you. Thanks for having such an awesome blog.