Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week 24 and more..

Well almost to 25! Woo whooo!

Don't get me wrong...I don't mind being pregnant...but I am ready to meet this little one! I am really struggling missing my wine but I will get through just like I did the last one. Finally got my maternity sesh booked! And now trying to find the outfits I want to wear is gonna be a struggle. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in Vegas and I am soaking up every little bit of it.

The other little one, well she's not so little any more since she will be 3 in June, is starting to REALLY show some personality. And by personality I mean terrible threes! We are doing our best at trying to figure out the right way to show her good vs. bad and what not but IT.IS.EXHAUSTING. We finally finished most of the projects we had going on in the house and I will try to upload so pics in the next couple of days to show the new baby's room and how we changed up miss Nova's room.

I do have one question before I go, does anyone have any good tips on reupholstering dining room table chairs? If so, I'd love to hear!



Kathy said...

Cute picture of your baby bump. Good luck on the terrible threes. The only thing I can say is eventually she'll be four! ;0)

I've heard that recovering dining room chairs is pretty easy, but since mine aren't upholstered I've never done it. Maybe you tube will have a video to show you how. That's usually my go to source.

Enjoy your LV weather!

Jeriel said...

Thank You Kathy!