Monday, November 21, 2011

Crafts and other stuff

                                    This was the pumpkin after I baked it, peeled, and cut it up
                                  This was after I mashed it and put it in freezer bags to freeze:)
Well, I have been busy getting ready for the holidays and one thing I do every year is make fresh Pumpkin Pie. I learned this from my mom who always made it this way. I always buy 2 pumpkins at Halloween. One to carve, of course, and one to cook. I bake the pumkin then I have to cut it up and mash it. Since I usually end up with a lot of pumpkin, I freeze it until I am ready to make my pies. This year I ended up with 3 1/2 batches. On another note, I previously told you about me redecorating my house. These are just some of the picture frames I made and hung. I thought they turned out pretty cute! By the way...I am still learning about blogging and how everythign is laid out, so I'm sorry that my pictures are before my post...haven't figured out how to change that..haha
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Jen S. said...

I forgot that you make your pumpkin pie from scratch. MMMMM! That's so cool!

I love how you did those frames...they're so cute!

I think you've come a long ways on your blog in just a few days. You've sure learned a lot and are doing great! WAY TO GO!

Talk to you soon!

Stacey said...

The frames are really cute. Copy and paste the codes to where you want your pics.