Thursday, November 17, 2011


 I thought this would be the perfect topic for today! It seems as though many things are inspiring me these days. I was inspired to start a blog:) (Thanks Jen!!)   Then I saw these two pictures and absolutely fell in love! I decided to do my whole house in the patterns that are in the background of these photos. Not to mention I am redoing my bedroom as well! Next, I visited a couple blogs that had beautiful decorations for Christmas and Fall and I decided I would try some new decorating techniques. And finally, I have become obsessed with trying to find coupons and good deals. Before, I would only shop at one store for everything. I now shop at 4+ stores depending on where my coupons are from. If you have any suggestions on good ways to find coupons, please feel free to comment:) Thanks for visitng!!


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Jen S. said...

Hi Jeriel!
Your blog looks great :) And you know I love the cupcake picture. I can't wait to see how your house turns!