Monday, July 2, 2012

lost and FOUND

Well I weighed in today and it was 162. Exactly. I was surprised considering we went  on a trip and I did not eat the best of things. But hey... I'm not complaining. On another note, I have finially found our missing camera. It has been missing since the end of April and I thought I must have left it somewhere...but as I was cleaning out our portable DVD bag...there it lay. I tend to do this quite a bit and get made fun of a lot by the hubs. I am really trying to be better at not "hiding stuff" haha....we will se how that goes! I am trying this challenge this month and with all the trips and things we have going on...I am hoping that I will be able to do it. The challenge is to do a total of 100 miles of cardio in the month of July. So I will try to do it and keep you posted on my miles. :) Happy 4th of July!!


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Jen S. said...

Good job Jeriel! Both wtih losing weight, AND finding your missing camera!
Happy 4th to you guys too! :)