Monday, July 9, 2012

Will it Happen

I had a bunch of thoughts running through my head this morning. I was reading my "In Shape" magazine and was wondering ..."Will I ever be that fit?" I run.. yes but will I ever lose this extra skin that I have around my belly? I think I am always looking at the scale, seeing the number go down (very slowly) and thinking well the number is dropping but I am still not comfortable with how a swimsuit looks on me. As much as I want that number to be in the 130's, I also want to be tone and feel comfortable in what I am wearing. So today, I will be starting something new. Not only am I going to try and eat good, That's what she said. but I am also going to run in this 90 degree weather and then try and do the shred. Hopefully that will help me tone up a bit:) I am tired of being in this rut and not feeling good about myself. It brings me down and I don't like it. So wish me luck and have a HAPPY Monday!


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