Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trying New Things

Since I have clearly hit a dead plateau, a friend told me about this new video she is trying and says it is absolutely AMAZE BALLS!!! Yep I said it and I went out and bought it and will be trying it out tomorrow. This is it:

 I have never been a huge fan of yoga. But I have found myself stressed lately and feel like sometimes I get angry over the dumbest things. I don't want that to ever come out in my personality so I am going to give this a whirl and see what happens. I will try to get a progress notebook and keep you updated. (If you care:))
 On another note, I have been into spring and the amazing weather we have been having here so I decided to make a spring wreath. I haven't gotten a pic of mine yet but ended up making one for my sis-in-law and here is how it turned out:

I did these colors cause well.. those are the colors she is doing in her new chateau :) I also tried this new thing on my toes and thought it turned out pretty good. I am still practicing but here it is:

Again, excuse my disgusting runners toes. I have to do fancy stuff like this to hide the nastyness. Hope you ahve a great weekend! :)



Kathy said...

I've never tried yoga but a lot of my friends swear by it. Please let us know how you do. Jillian knows what she is talking about so I think you will do really well.

The wreath you made is beautiful. I love the colors. Can't wait to see yours.

Jen S. said...

Hi Jeriel~

I LOVE Yoga! The best shape I was ever in, was when I did Yoga many years ago. I can't wait to hear how you like the DVD! On a side note, I saw a billboard yesterday that Jillian Michaels is coming to Vegas for a show on my b-day at the Cox Pavillion. I will be down near there for one of Jeven's cheer competitions...I'll keep my eyes open so hopefully I see her! Ha!

I love the wreath...super cute! You are so talented and creative!

I hope you guys have a Happy Easter!

karly from [kar[+]wade] said...

You should let me know how it goes! I'm 20 weeks pregnant and want to try some kind of yoga! Just found your blog, excited to catch up on the rest of your posts! :) Have a good weekend!!


Stacey said...

I have this video. Anything with Jillian Michaels in it is not relaxing. lol It is definitely a yoga workout. I like it, though.