Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Project lamp shade

Yesterday I went to Michael's looking for something to spruce up my 3 year old's  lamp shade in her bedroom and was able to find the perfect thing! The best part was it cost me a whopping $1.50.!

This was exactly what I was looking for only I thought I was going to have to glue. This was adhesive so it was so easy. Here is how it turned out.

This second picture was how I was attaching it. Yes there is my little helper in the background. Like I said it was super easy and only broke the bank $1.50. Happy hump day!



The Tuscan Home said...

Such a darling idea. I will have to try this on my girl's lamps, thanks for the idea! xo, Liz

Kathy said...

How clever! I'm going to look for this. I have the perfect lampshade to do this on.