Saturday, February 28, 2015

I have my big run this morning (it will be 7 today) and of course it is cloudy, cold , and looks like it possibly might rain. But I have to do it and I will get through it. My pace has been on target except for the other day when I ran with the girls. Pushing a double jogger weighing in at almost 100 lbs. is very difficult. But I figure if I train with that, then my pace will be that much better without pushing them. My goal is to lose between 15-18 lbs by the end of all this. That will put me back to pre- prenancy weight plus some. I have heard a bunch of good things about Chia seeds so I am going to give them a whirl. I am still struggling with food choices and I know my mind is better than that. On top of that, sleep has been a HUGE issue around here. I don't get any. That being said if anyone has any brilliant ideas on how to get a nursing 8 month old to sleep a solid 6 hours (HECK I'll take 4) then you would be my angel!! Hope you have a great weekend!


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