Tuesday, March 24, 2015

11 miles

Last Saturday I did my 11 miles. We are into week 7 now so this week will be 12 miles. The last two big runs I have had to run with the kiddos and seriously....It. Was. Rough. I can only look at it s bettering ( is that a word?) my training. I am going to try to get to the health food store this week to get some liquid carbs to start training with. The hubs suggested it so we will see how my body responds to it.
In mommmyland I am dealing with a very spirited and creative almost 4 year old. And lets not forget the mobile 8 month old. I will say there is never a dull moment with two little babes running around. I now know I need to download pictures to the other computer to add any until the issue is resolved on this computer. So I will try to do that soon for you guys. Thanks for stopping by.


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