Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ahh...the blogging world...

So I am sitting at my computer..enjoying a cup of Joe....

 browsing  on some blogs that I really like and I am stuck. I always want to join parties and cannot figure out how to do it. It says: Grab a button!! Join our party!!. Well... I would but I don't know how. I am still new at this and am trying to just learn on my own as I go and well....we can all see how that is going..ha!! Anyway...feel free to leave me a comment and give me instruction or maybe you can do a new blog on how to join the party:) Sorry for the boring blog but I really would like to learn how to join parties:) Or at least be involved:) Have a great day!!



Jen S. said...

Hey Jeriel~
If I can help you with the blog party link/button, etc. I will. How about we talk about it when we chat on the phone next? :)

I don't even like coffee, but that cup of coffee you posted makes me want a cup...it looks SO GOOD! He he!
Talk to you soon!

Leslie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love my little glowing candles on chilly mornings. :)

laxsupermom said...

Joining a blog party is easy. If the instructions say to grab a button, there's usually a box with some HTML gobbledygook underneath their party button. You highlight the code with your mouse and right click and copy it. Then you go back to your post, click on HTML(it's on the left next to the Compose button,) and scroll down to the end of your post and paste in the copied code. When you click compose you should see their button at the base of your post.

To join the party, you copy your blog post URL (the http://beemanshome.blogspot.com/whatever.html) and paste it into the URL box after clicking on enter here. Enter your e-mail and the name you want the link to be called i.e. Yummy Cupcakes, etc. and click next, then pick a picture from your post to crop.

The process really is easy, even though I don't think I explained it very well here. E-mail me if you want a better explanation with screenshots.

Debbiedoo's said...

There is a tutorial under my header, you can check it out there.

reFresh reStyle said...

I see several have left you can great instructions! Debbie from debbiedoos also hosts a Newbie party on Mondays!
Have a great weekend,
Refresh Restyle