Thursday, February 23, 2012


I recently stumbled across a blog that has inspired, motivated, and given me that extra little push I needed. Funny how the most random thing can do that to you! This is her blog: Some opf the things that she says..I couldn't have said better myself. SO back to the motivation. I have starting training for a marathin that I am hoping to do in June. If I happen to not be able to do it I will do a half and of course..the Susan G. Komen.

 I also started doing this 30 day Shred. It makes me super sore and fits into my busy schedule! Hopefully I lose some lbs. and inches cause I am sick of being a fatty!!

Hope all of you have been inspired or motivated today!! TaTa

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Jen S. said...

You're kicking butt over there Jeriel...WAY TO GO!

Also--I'd never been to that blog before, so I just went. I really like it. :) Thanks for sharing!

Talk to you soon!