Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Finally Finished!!

Well.. He did it! My husband finially finished our bed. I have, for a very long time now, been asking my husband for a nice bed set because we have a Tempur Pedic and I didn't want it to get ruined since it has to be on a flat surface and our bedframe was broke. So right before Thanksgiving, he told me that for Christmas, he was going to make it. I was sooo excited!! 2 months later and a lot of hard work, it is finially finished! To add to it, I had a picture my dear friend brough back from the Dominican and it needed a frame. So, my hubby built a frame for it that matched out bed. Take a look:)

                                               This is it before he had the picture done.    

 This is with the picture, if you notice, the picture still has a bit of orange showing, which I will paint over:)

 Our room is a bit small and the bed is quite big so it was hard to get a good picture
 This is a view of the storage door that he built. It opens on all sides of the bed so I can store things underneath:) Sorry for the spots on the camera lens.
This is a view of just the picture! I absolutely LOVE this pic. I wish I lived here but for now, my bedroom is my destination:)

On another note, my good friend Jen called me the other day asking for some ingredients for one of her recipes. I jumped on her blog and told her then realized... I have all these ingredients as well, I am going to try these. They are called Sour Cream Strawberry Muffins and boy are they good and super easy to make! Here is the recipe: This is the first time me adding in a link. Hope it works! Here is how mine turned out:)
 The ingredients:)
 Ready to bake
And the finished product. I should have filled them a little more but I wasn't sure on how much they would rise. You can definitely fill them generously because they don't rise very much:)

I hope you all ahve a great rest of the day! Thanks for stopping by :)



Jen S. said...

Hi Jeriel!
I LOOOVE your bed! Cody did an amazing job on's so awesome! I love the framed picture too. It looks great.

How cool you had all the ingredients to make the muffins! I think they are super yummy! And by the way, the link worked great...good job you blogger, you! :)

Talk to you soon!

laxsupermom said...

They bed looks amazing! Your hubs did a great job on it! Love the picture, too - what a great place to dream about! Thanks for sharing.