Friday, February 17, 2012

"Big Wig" Party

Hi to All!! Thanks for stopping by. I haven't posted in a while because I have just been so busy. Between having an 8 month old running around, having a "Big Wig Party" and Valentines, I haven't had time to sit and relax. But today is the day so I decided to post:) I just had a birthday and decided to throw myself a party. Not just any party, but a "BIG WIG" party! It was a blast and a lot of people showed up. Here are some pics of how everyone looked:)

                                                              The cupcakes I made:)
                                                            Two of my good friends:)
                                              Me and my hubby, or Elvis, I should say...haha
                                                                    Thing 1 and 2!
                                                          Some more good friends!
                              My good friend Jen and I:) She took a lot of pics for me, Thanks Jen!!!
                                                                Dog and his wife:)
                                              Some good times! My wig was falling off:)
                                                                     Posing time!
                                                    Another friend from high school:)
My friend Jen and her husband:)

It turned out to be a big success and I think everyone had a great time! Thanks for stopping by :)



Jen S. said...

Jeriel, your party was SO MUCH FUN! You and Cody looked great in your outfits! Thanks for inviting us! :) And PS...those cupcakes were so good!

Savvy Seasons said...

Hi Jeriel,
Oh my goodness, what a fun party! Everyone looked great! Umm, and those cupcakes do look DELISH!! ;)
Have a wonderful weekend! xo ~Liz
P.S. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comment! =)