Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Weigh In

So I decided that every Monday I am going to weigh in. Years ago, when I was down to 134, I was in a conetst with a group of friends that whoever lost the most weight each week would get a prize that the other girls had to pitch in and get. Manicure, Pedi, whatever. I think that all those incentives are what kept me going and helped me lose weight. So I am going to do a similar thing on here. Every Monday I will weigh in and feel free to do the same. Leave  a comment letting me know if you are losing, gaining, etc. and maybe we can beat it together. Or if we are really depressed......pour a glass of wine??? haha....So this morning I was at 165.6. My hubs took me to a nice dinner last night before the big Real Madrid soccer game here in Vegas so I did splurge a little. But I did do my Shred this morning and a 1 mile walk with the little one:)

                                                        Happy Monday


Jen S. said...

I see you made more changes on your blog! Looks great Jeriel!
I had so much fun with you the other day over here working on it! :) You crack me up!

PS--good job on more weight loss and excercising! You're doing great!!

Jeriel said...

Thanks Jen! For your help and everything in between:) haha