Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Peanut Butter Protein Balls.... Yum!

Good Morning to all! I was browsing for some new, healthy recipes and ran across these Balls and thought "these would be great after a workout!" So I had to run to Target and get the chocolate protein but everything else I had. CLick here for the recipe I did not add the dark chocolate chips so my version is only 70 calories per ball:)
                                                              Here is all the ingredients
                                    This is what they look like when you finish getting them done:)
                                    Your calories can change depending on how many balls you roll.

                                                           Hope you have a great Wednesday:)



Jen S. said...

These sound really good Jeriel!
You are always baking and trying new things! It inspires me to try new things too!
Love the changes you've made on your blog...I think it looks really good! :)

Jeriel said...

Thanks Jen!! They are a great little post workout/sweet tooth treat!